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Author of the Stolen Identity book


Stolen Identity book

Meet Lucia Van Der Gulik

Lucia Van Der Gulik never had any formal education in her native Dutch language and was very young when she came to Canada from the Netherlands in 1970 with no real knowledge of the English language. It was very hard for her to communicate.

However she was determined and learned the language, little bits at a time while she worked as a babysitter and house cleaner. With little education and no English background at all, she didn't have much of a chance of getting anything better than that.

She and her husband lived in British Columbia for the first year and then moved to Ontario, where she has been ever since. As the years went by she learned more and more of the English language, and started working in restaurants and had some sales jobs.

She read a lot of English books and joined the local barbershop chorus to help her master the English language. Lucia has raised two daughters, who have blessed her with three beautiful granddaughters and one handsome grandson.

She has always had the desire to write and with the encouragement of her family and friends, and her ever-present dictionary and spell-check by her side, she took the plunge to overcome all her language obstacles and she is very proud of her first novel, Stolen Identity, which her fans have already begged to write the sequel to.

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"I must say, I was really impressed! Lucia has succeeded in writing a fun and suspenseful novel that keeps you engaged and wondering what is going to happen next, and it closes with a delicious cliff-hanger."

Amy DeWolfe

Toronto, ON, Canada

“Brilliant. What a great story line. Definitely an under-rated author.”

Mike Ross

Ontario, Canada

“I'm so proud of my mother for writing this riveting story! If you like mystery, intrigue, suspense and even romance then this is the book for you.”

Amanda van der Gulik

Uxbridge, ON, Canada

"I loved it! Lucia developed many complex characters and the plot had many twists and turns that I wasn't expecting. The book was a roller coaster ride of emotions and I enjoyed the ride. While I couldn't wait to find out how the book ended, I am now disappointed that it is over! I highly recommend it!"

Michelle D’Ercole

Woodbridge, ON, Canada

Lucia’s book is sit on the edge of your seat exciting. The characters are ruthless and distrust worthy to no end... Spell bounding and excitement is what this book is filled with on every page... I honestly couldn’t wait to see what was to happen next. GREAT, GREAT NOVEL! Cannot wait to read the sequel.

Elaine Higgins

Ontario, Canada

"What a fabulous book! I cannot begin to express to you how much I enjoyed it. I was captivated by your characters who I felt like I knew personally. The story line was interesting and new! I highly recommend this book! I could not put the book down and had to read to the end."

Teresa Giesbrecht

Ontario, Canada

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